Modern Coffee Table With Solid Wood Top and Welded Steel Icosahedron Segmented Base

$675.00 USD


Product Description

These geometric side tables are made to order and are hand crafted from locally sourced materials .

Inspired by the platonic solids, this table uses the geometry of a icosahedron mid section to form the steel table base.

The solid wood top of walnut or ash is finished with natural oils and waxes. The welded steel base can be finished in a variety of colors.

Standard dimensions are 32" length x 32" width x 16" height. If these measurements don't work, contact to arrange a size that does.

Customization of dimensions available upon request.

Philosophy with a Hammer Furniture Studio

Philosophy with a Hammer is based in Baltimore, Maryland and is the furniture design practice of artist/ maker Christian Donnelly. This creative endeavor merges his years of technical experience as a traditional furniture craftsman with a creative background in contemporary sculpture.

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